Helping MSPs Hire Great People

Save Time

Go from spending hours to just minutes with our screening process, so you can focus on what you do best – driving your business forward.

Boost Your Retention

By investing in hiring candidates who are a perfect fit, you can cultivate a team that is motivated, dedicated, and committed to your success.

Quality Candidates

Each candidate undergoes a rigorous 5-point screening process to ensure you get only the best technical and cultural match for your company.

An invaluable resource for finding us qualified candidates that are a great fit for our company. They took the time to understand our business and to pinpoint the personality, strengths, and skills needed for a new hire to excel.
Paul Doerr

Proactive Technology

vScreening enabled us to continue to focus on building our business instead of wasting dozens of hours performing gatekeeper screening on dozens, if not hundreds of applications. We received vetted and quality applicants every single time, it felt like skipping the lines at the amusement park!
Kent Calero, RYC Business IT

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Learn our process that will save you time and deliver top-tier candidates who align with your company culture.

1. Discovery

A screening specialist works with you to create a tailored job description. MSP Hire posts, tracks, and optimizes the job ad to a targeted candidate pool.

2. Review

Applicant resumes are reviewed and notable candidates are asked to complete our non-technical email interview.

3. Test

Candidates are then requested to take our pre-hire assessments to test for cognitive skills and psychometric traits.

4. Initial Interview

Your screening specialist conducts in-depth video interviews. Recommended candidates’ documents, notes, and recordings are delivered to you.

5. Final Interview

You’ll schedule and conduct final interview with candidates and a job offer is sent to the candidate.

6. Job Offer

Once the candidate accepts the job offer, the new hire is made and onboarding begins.

7. Follow-up

The MSP Hire team will check in with you to ensure your new hire is a great fit.  Our 90-day warrantee ensures you can hire with confidence.

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We Help MSPs Hire Great People

Fixed Marketing Budget

A fixed marketing fee allows us to cross-post your job ad on over 20+ websites!

Tailored to MSPs & IT Companies

We are MSP experts with decades of experience filling both technical and nontechnical roles in the IT industry.

90-Day Guarantee

We guarantee a replacement hire if your new team member is not a match in the first 90-days.

Strategic Hiring for Year-End Triumph in the World of MSPs

In essence, hiring new talent towards the close of the year is a strategic maneuver that positions your MSP for success in the months that follow. Strategic hiring, far beyond the act of filling positions, represents an investment in the future growth and sustainability of your MSP business. It is a testament to your commitment to adapt, evolve, and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of managed services.

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We Asked, They Answered, We Listened

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been engaging with IT professionals and asking them a myriad of questions. One inquiry that stood out was, "What actions or behaviors by interviewers or recruiters have deterred you from considering a career opportunity?" The...

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The Need for Speed: Be Company “A”

The lesson here is clear: hiring is more than just selecting qualified candidates. It’s about immediate engagement, showing candidates that you value their skills, time, and enthusiasm. By demonstrating your commitment early on, you not only attract qualified individuals but also foster loyalty and dedication. Remember, a swift, engaged approach doesn’t just get you the right candidate; it secures a devoted and indispensable team member.

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