MSP Hire, Inc. Launches as a Standalone Company
[Savannah, GA, June 1, 2023] – MSP Hire, Inc., a company focused on providing innovative solutions for
recruiting and hiring, is pleased to announce its official launch as a standalone entity from within Eureka
Process, LLC. MSP Hire has been established to cater specifically to the recruiting and staffing needs for

Led by President Sarah Stewart, MSP Hire aims to streamline and optimize the recruiting process through
its flagship service, vScreening. This solution utilizes a team of experts and proven processes to select
first-class candidates at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiters. Stewart expressed her enthusiasm
for the company’s launch, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce vScreening by MSP Hire as a standalone
company and we look forward to continue to revolutionize how businesses approach candidate
assessment. With vScreening, we empower organizations to make informed hiring decisions quickly and
with confidence.”

One of the key advantages of vScreening is its ability to significantly expedite the screening process
without compromising accuracy. MSP Hire offers a comprehensive solution that caters to organizations
of all sizes, from startups to enterprise-level corporations. MSP Hire is committed to providing
exceptional customer service, tailored solutions, with a focus on compliance and data privacy.
MSP Hire is now accepting new clients and looks forward to partnering with MSPs and IT Service
Providers seeking to grow their business by growing their team. For more information about MSP Hire
and its vScreening service, please visit

Eureka Process, LLC Announces Spinoff to Enhance Focus and Service for Clients
[Savannah, GA, June 1, 2023] – Eureka Process, LLC, a leading provider of strategic and operational
consulting for the IT industry is proud to announce the spinoff of its vScreening service into MSP Hire, Inc.
This spinoff allows both Eureka Process and MSP Hire to achieve greater focus in delivering their
respective services.

With this move, Eureka Process aims to sharpen its core mandate of helping IT firms prosper through
effective processes, while MSP Hire assumes an active role in streamlining the recruiting and hiring
process for MSPs and ITSPs. The spinoff enables each company to allocate dedicated resources,
expertise, and innovation towards meeting the distinct needs of their clients.

Allen Edwards, president of Eureka Process, expressed his enthusiasm by stating, “We are thrilled to see
Eureka Process and MSP Hire emerge as separate entities. This decision allows us to better serve our
clients with focused attention to their specific requirements. I’m especially excited to have partnered
with Sarah Stewart in this venture, who serves as President. Her first few months behind the scenes
setting up MSP Hire has been incredible to watch.”

MSP Hire is now exclusively focused on leveraging its expert team and proven methodologies to select
exceptional candidates for IT firms, offering significant cost savings compared to traditional recruiters.
“We are thrilled to introduce MSP Hire and continue transforming the way businesses approach
candidate recruiting and assessment,” said Stewart. “With our flagship service vScreening, organizations
can make informed hiring decisions quickly and confidently, saving significant time and resources.”
Eureka Process and MSP Hire are excited about the opportunities this brings and the enhanced service
they can now provide. Clients of Eureka Process and MSP Hire can expect even greater dedication,
expertise, and innovation as the companies continue to excel in their respective domains.

For more information about Eureka Process and its solutions, please visit To
learn about MSP Hire and its innovative recruiting services, please visit

About Eureka Process, LLC:
Eureka Process, LLC empowers IT firms to prosper and achieve sustainable growth through tailored
coaching, consultation, and proven methodologies to overcome burnout and stagnation. You can find
out more at

About MSP Hire, Inc:
MSP Hire, Inc. provides innovative recruiting and hiring solutions for the MSP and ITSP industry. MSP
Hire streamlines the recruiting process by empowering organizations to make informed hiring decisions
with confidence. Find out more at

Press Contact:
Sarah Stewart, President
MSP Hire, Inc.
Phone: (912) 491-8484