How do you fix a retention problem?  To start, I love “The New KPI” infographic created by Roland Kahn.  It reads “Keep People Informed.  Keep People Involved.  Keep People Included. Keep People Interested.  Keep People Inspired.  Keep People In Love.”  These are key performance indicators for retention.  Since hiring is one of the costliest and time-consuming activities that a company takes on, retention should be the most revered KPI in any business. 

One of the key pieces to retaining your team is to have clear expectations for each role within your organization.  When employees have a clear understanding of their job responsibilities, performance standards, and goals, it fosters a positive work environment and contributes to higher levels of job satisfaction.

Clear expectations give employees the autonomy to make decisions and take ownership of their work. When employees have a clear understanding of their authority and boundaries, they feel empowered to contribute their ideas, make decisions, and take initiative. It should also remove any ambiguity, providing employees with a sense of direction and reducing unnecessary stress.

When employees receive constructive feedback and have a clear understanding of areas where they can improve or develop their skills, they are more likely to feel supported and motivated to grow within the organization. This not only increases retention by offering opportunities for career advancement and personal development but saves your organization time and money.  By investing in your team through training and mentorship, you are more likely to keep top talent within your organization.  As a recruiting firm dedicated to helping MSPs hire great people I can tell you it is easier to find a great candidate for an entry level position as opposed to hiring outside talent to fill a senior role.

Lastly is alignment with values and culture.  Employees who understand and embrace the organizational culture are more likely to feel connected, aligned, and committed to the company’s mission and values.  Communication and collaboration that foster a positive team dynamic increases trust and strengthens working relationships, all of which contribute to higher employee retention.

By establishing clear expectations, organizations unlock the secret to a thriving work environment. Boost employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention by giving your team a clear understanding of what’s expected of them. The motivation of your team is bound to increase as they feel increasingly valued and invested in their roles.

“The New KPI” – infographic from Roland Kahn