Over the past couple of weeks, we have been engaging with IT professionals and asking them a myriad of questions. One inquiry that stood out was, “What actions or behaviors by interviewers or recruiters have deterred you from considering a career opportunity?” The astounding response we received demonstrated just how vital this question is. It ranged from inappropriate job offers to unclear salary information, vague job descriptions, and a general lack of engagement throughout the hiring process.

We are thrilled to share that at MSP Hire, we’ve made it a point to ensure candidates never feel undervalued or disrespected. However, there was one intriguing aspect that emerged from these conversations – the importance of personal follow-up when a candidate does not align with the company’s hiring decisions. While it might be more convenient to send an automated “thanks for your interest, but…” response, there is immense value in delivering this feedback personally and constructively. Just as you appreciate hearing from prospects who choose a different service provider, candidates also deserve a human touch and reasons for the decision.

Furthermore, it is worth considering that even if a candidate is not the right fit for the current position, they could be a perfect match for a future one. Ending things on a positive note can significantly benefit your organization down the road.

In the MSP industry, it is not just about providing impeccable service; it’s about cultivating long-term relationships with clients, the community, and your personnel. The same principle applies to candidates who may not be ready for a role today but could be ideal for one in the future. Remember, even in the world of IT automation, professionals are still human beings, not just another part of the “stack”. Building connections and treating candidates with respect goes a long way in our community.