Hiring based solely on technical skills without considering cultural fit can lead to high turnover rates. Even if an employee excels in their role, if they do not mesh well with the team or the company’s values, they will feel disconnected and start to seek opportunities elsewhere. You can be proactive by prioritizing culture fit during the hiring process. This will set you up for long-term success as the people you will feel a sense of belonging and unity with the team.  

  • These individuals will be more motivated, engaged, and productive. 
  • These individuals will be more creative, innovative, and more willing to collaborate with the rest of the team to solve unique problems. 
  • These individuals will be passionate about the company’s mission ensuring alignment at every level. Making decisions that are in the best interest of team and organization. 

     What does all this lead to? Customer Satisfaction! A happy team is an efficient team dedicated to delivering exceptional service and customers will have positive experiences and develop long-term relationships with your brand.  

     “I get all this Andrew, but I don’t even know what my company culture is.” one might say, and though I understand that dilemma, that should be remedied right away. In the MSP world you are likely offering services akin to your competition; so, what makes you stand out? How you and your staff work together is the best place to start. Here are just a few questions you can ask about yourself and your team which is the first step to identifying your company’s culture. 

  • Work Life Balance? Is this something that you and your team value or is you and the team more thrilled about an “anything worth doing is worth doing right now (regardless of the time or day) type of environment? No wrong answer here. 
  • Do you and your team enjoy non-work-related activities together? Fantasy sport leagues, debates on which comic book franchise is better, Marvel or DC? involvement in volunteer opportunities in the community, etc…. 
  • How much research do you do on a regular basis to make sure you are staying up latest technology and tools to support your staff? 

     These are just a few but you get the drift. Sitting down and evaluating how your team flows daily IS your company culture. Do this and you will be able to clearly define the culture, but you might find that there are some meaningful changes that need to be made as that culture could be the opposite of what you envisioned.  

     Technical Skill can be taught, but cultural fit is difficult to develop. Employees who naturally align with the company’s culture are often more adaptable to change and more willing to embrace new challenges and opportunities. At MSP Hire, with our vScreening process, we help you clearly define your company culture, then prioritize it during our hiring process building a workforce that shares a common vision, and values that drive sustainable growth.